‘Exhibition of the Future’ to Showcase UAE Innovation and Support for Emirati Youth

The Global Summit of Women Speakers of Parliament, to be held on December 12 and 13 in Abu Dhabi under the patronage of H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women’s Union, Supreme President of the Family Development Foundation, and President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, will concurrently feature ‘Exhibition of the Future’ – a special event being organised by the Federal National Council (FNC) in collaboration with 15 local and federal entities and private sector institutions.

Exhibition of the Future will highlight the UAE’s pioneering efforts to drive innovation and the development of an empowering environment that facilitates the building of smart cities. The two-day exhibition will also highlight the country’s support for Emirati inventors and feature some of their success stories related to innovation.

The exhibition is an integral part of the two-day Global Summit of Women Speakers of Parliament, and will complement its theme, namely, ‘United for Shaping the Future’. The summit is being co-hosted by the FNC and the Inter-Parliamentary Union, an international organization of parliaments, and will draw participation from 50 women Speakers of Parliament from all over the world. In addition, more than 1,000 political leaders, scientists, inventors, leaders of international organisations and youth representatives will also be in attendance.

Organisations participating in the Exhibition of the Future include the UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, the UAE Space Agency, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Masdar, in addition to Mubadala and its companies like Cognit, Yahsat, and Strata. The list also includes Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation-Nawah, Khalifa University, Dubai’s future foundation, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, Masdar Institute for Science and Technology, Etisalat, and Amana Healthcare.

Commenting on the significance of the event to the UAE’s quest to become the innovation and creativity capital of the world, Her Excellency Dr. Amal Al Qubaisi, Speaker of the UAE Federal National Council, said: “The Exhibition of the Future embodies the mature partnership that exists between the executive and legislative authorities of the UAE and the private sector. It is a perfect platform to highlight leading national experiences and initiatives in vital sectors that are critical to the country’s sustainable development.”

She added: “The exhibition aligns with FNC’s 2016 – 2021 Strategy, which seeks to enhance local and international partnerships to support scientific research and innovation in line with the UAE leadership’s vision. It also aligns with the National Innovation Strategy that aims to make the UAE one of the world’s most innovative countries in the next five years through the promotion of seven main sectors, which are renewable energy, transportation, healthcare, education, technology, water, and space.

“Exhibition of the Future complements the summit’s agenda through the initiatives it embraces, since the summit will support scientific research and will discuss ideas and mechanisms to develop sciences, share research, enhance international innovation efforts and support of the Emirati youth.”
H.E. Dr. Amal Al Qubaisi stressed that the exhibition will showcase the UAE’s leading international role in shaping the future, the country’s facilitation of innovation and creativity, and its efforts to build smart cities of the future.

His Excellency Eng. Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansouri, UAE Minister of Economy, said: “The organisation of the Exhibition of the Future on the sidelines of the Global Summit of Women Speakers of Parliament represents a valuable addition to enhance the achievements of the summit organized by the Federal National Council.”

The minister said that the UAE is one of the world’s leading countries that have adopted the concept of anticipating global trends related to science, technology, economy, and human development, and is continuously working to bridge theory and practice through several leading initiatives and investments. Such projects include the developing an incubator for innovation and future technology, working to keep up with future trends and developments, achieving sustainability concepts and developing qualified human cadres to upscale the innovative output of the UAE.

Commending the Federal National Council for organising the summit and the exhibition, Al Mansouri pointed out that the participation of the Ministry of Economy in the ‘Exhibition of the Future’ through its support for the inventors platform is in keeping with concerted efforts by all federal authorities to integrate roles and action with the objective of strengthening the UAE’s leading position on the regional and international stage.

His Excellency added that providing Emirati inventors with an enabling platform that links them with an elite group of patents owners registered at the ministry is in line with the ministry’s commitment to promote creative talent and support Emirati inventors. He said such engagement would also help Emirati innovators to access international platforms, where they may showcase their projects and inventions. The exhibition would allow them to communicate and exchange knowledge and experiences about latest technologies, ideas and innovative services, which in turn would support national efforts to build a sustainable, knowledge-based economy led by empowered citizens.

His Excellency Dr Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, UAE Minister of State and ADNOC Group CEO said: The Global Summit of Women Speakers of Parliament provides a timely opportunity to exchange ideas and create actionable recommendations to capitalize on the trends that are reshaping our economies and societies. Effectively responding to these trends will play a pivotal role in delivering a sustainable future.

His Excellency Dr. Khalifa Al-Romaithi, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the UAE Space Agency, stressed the importance of the agency’s participation in the Exhibition of the Future. He said that space is a frontier that is critical to the UAE’s future, and rightfully features as one of the seven key sectors in the national strategy for innovation.

His Excellency added that the UAE Space Agency will use the exhibition as a platform to articulate its vision of the national space sector and its contribution to economic growth and diversification.

The agency will also elaborate on the implementation of existing and future projects and initiatives, such as the Hope spacecraft project commissioned to explore Mars. He noted that this strategic national project would provide valuable inputs to the global body of scientific research, and set the stage for further innovation in the field of aerospace and other sectors vital to the country.

Al Rumaithi explained that the UAE Space Agency will use the exhibition to display a virtual home on Mars in line with its efforts to raise public awareness around the national space program, and the Hope spacecraft mission in particular. He indicated that the virtual home would simulate the year 2050, which is the UAE’s designated date to launch a manned mission to the red planet.

The space agency will also showcase its educational dimension, which aims to attract and mould talented Emirati students to lead the UAE’s space sector into the future. The agency consistently advises Emirati students with the necessary aptitude to plan their studies and develop their knowledge in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

His Excellency Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General at the General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector (TRA), said: “Our participation in the summit and the exhibition is part of our continuous collaboration with the FNC. It reflects our belief in the summit’s objectives in terms of empowering Emirati women, enhancing their leadership roles, and achieving gender parity in different sectors of business and industry. Emirati women also need to be active on the national and international political stage, and participate in its decision-making processes.”

He added: “The summit’s theme perfectly aligns with the UAE leadership’s vision towards exploring growth opportunities, foreseeing challenges, and implementing plans that meet future demands. The information, technology and communications (ITC) sector plays a vital role in these plans since it provides the much-needed infrastructure that facilitates the creation of a smart city based on the Internet of Things.”

For his part, Engineer Mohammed Ibrahim Al Hammadi, CEO of the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) said: “Peaceful, safe and environment friendly nuclear energy is an essential part of ensuring the energy security of the UAE. The Barakah Nuclear Power Plant located at the Barakah site in Abu Dhabi’s Western Region is a strategic facility that will help us achieve this security, along with four similar nuclear power plants that are being built on the largest nuclear construction site in the world.”

Stressing that ENEC is developing a world-class, peaceful nuclear industry that will become a global role model in nuclear energy development, Al Hammadi added: “ENEC’s participation in the Exhibition of the Future is important since it is the authority mandated to drive the UAE’s peaceful nuclear energy program. ENEC is also commissioned to develop the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant in accordance with the highest international standards in safety. We aim to highlight the importance of nuclear energy, its benefits to the national economy, and the contribution of nuclear energy to the country’s economic and social growth by providing job opportunities, building a mature industrial sector, and supporting other commercial activities.”
Mohammed Jamil Ramahi, CEO of Masdar, said: “The Global Summit of Women Speakers of Parliament along with the Exhibition of the Future is an important platform for global dialogue as it gathers a large number of leaders from the international government, private and civil sectors.

“Through its participation in the exhibition, Masdar will display its prominent projects and innovative technologies conceptualised and implemented by the company. We will emphasize on the widening role of women in the renewable energy and sustainable development. Women professionals form 33% of the total employees at Masdar, and 47% of the students at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, which confirms our commitment to enhance the participation of women in the sector and enable them to play a significant role in the economic diversification.”

He added: “Masdar has worked to enhance the share of renewable energy in the energy mix, both locally and internationally, in line with our conviction that we need to secure a better future for our children by actively contributing to the mitigation of climate change. Over the past ten years, we have implemented several projects in the UAE and in various parts of the world. Such installed or in-progress projects provide an aggregate of 2.7 GWh of clean electricity. By achieving specialisation in the field of renewable energy, Masdar supports the UAE’s efforts to build a knowledge-based economy, enhance energy and water security, besides stimulating community members to innovate and contribute to building a sustainable future for all.”

Dr. Ahmed Bin Ali, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at the Etisalat Group, said: “We are delighted to participate in the exhibition and highlight the world of opportunity that exists for individuals and businesses in the realm of artificial intelligence and virtual reality – areas that are supported by Etisalat’s network and infrastructure. Events of this kind are ideal opportunities to highlight the significant strides in innovation made by the UAE, which currently numbers among the most technology-ready countries on the planet.”

He continued: “At the Exhibition of the Future, we will also showcase the vast technological potential of our infrastructure, which is considered one of the best in the world. Etisalat is focused on the digital revolution and continuously invests in innovative technologies and solutions that help us maintain our networks at world-class levels. Historically, we have served as a strategic stakeholder in the UAE’s agenda to build smart cities that cater to the happiness and progress of individuals and the community at large.”

Amal Al-Jabri, General Manager of Cognit Technology Solutions, said: “Cognit is a joint venture between Mubadala and IBM established to be the exclusive provider of IBM Watson in the MENA region. Through the partnership, Cognit delivers Watson cloud-based technologies to clients across a variety of industries including healthcare, retail, education, banking and finance. The organization aims to cultivate a regional ecosystem of entrepreneurs, start-ups and app developers that will be able to harness Watson capabilities in innovative ways. These deep collaborative partnerships will enable a new wave of unique services brought to the region, igniting local talent and skills – supporting the diversification of local economies.”

Dr. Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, Executive Vice President of Khalifa University, said: “Our University is proud to participate in the summit and the exhibition as well, where we will be showcasing two innovative student projects. Khalifa University works constantly towards enhancing the UAE’s position economically and technologically by empowering our innovative students, who are not only internationally competitive, but are devising advanced solutions that address common challenges faced by the UAE and the world.”

He added: “We are proud to note that over 60% of our students are women. They collaborate with their male colleagues in research projects related to every sector that contributes to economic diversification, building a strong knowledge economy, and achieving the vision of our wise leadership.”
H.E. Saif Al Aleeli, CEO of Dubai Future Foundation, said: “Anticipating the future and working proactively to find sustainable solutions for the challenges that face – or will face –societies is the driving force and main objective of the Dubai Future Foundation. This resonates with our dedication to implementing the Dubai Future Agenda, which was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and aims to cement Dubai’s status as a global destination and an important source for the technologies of the future.”

H.E. added: “The Foundation aspires to build partnerships and strengthen its cooperation with individuals and institutions around the world in an effort to lay solid foundations for a better future for the coming generations. To that end, we work to develop plans, set strategies, and launch initiatives that prepare us for the future, and truly establish Dubai as a model city for the future. Our activities include the Dubai 3D Printing Strategy, Dubai Blockchain Strategy, and Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy, among other initiatives that seek to create the right environment for a prosperous future.”

H.E. continued: “The Dubai Future Accelerators program was a quantum leap forward in our efforts to harness innovation as a means to overcome the global challenges facing sectors of strategic importance, effectively turning them into opportunities that can be used to build a better future.”
Ahmed Baharoon, Executive Director, Environment Information, Science & Outreach Management (EISOM) at the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi, said: “Both at the summit and the exhibition, EISOM looks forward to highlighting outstanding cases of women empowerment in the environment sector. Women are essential and active contributors to the field of environmental science. Their engagement is an integral part of our society’s efforts to achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability.

“The agency will also showcase its efforts to protect the environment as outlined in the Abu Dhabi Environment Vision 2030. Our comprehensive agenda includes implementing urgent measures to combat climate change, preserve quality of air and water, and manage our natural resources.”
Badr Salim Sultan Al Olama, CEO of Strata Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Mubadala, said: “ Strata was established to meet the government’s vision in diversifying the economy by developing new industries that would establish a regional and global positioning for  Abu Dhabi and the UAE. A key component of that has been Strata’s commitment to building an aerospace hub by investing in people,  processes, research and technological development — with the aim of becoming one of the top aerostructure companies globally.

With rapid evolution of the aerospace industry, and as the world moves towards a new era of digitization and the fourth industrial revolution, Strata is well on its way to introduce a new ‘factory of the future’, where its investment will be directed towards big data analytics, robotics and additive manufacturing technologies. To showcase this futuristic ambition, we are proud to introduce the future of design, the future of advanced materials, and the future of manufacturing that will be spearheaded by Strata”.

Besides the Exhibition of the Future, the summit will also feature an Emirati Women Exhibition – a video, photo and graph gallery to shed light on the leading efforts of H.H. Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak and the wise leadership in the UAE in women empowerment. The exhibition will highlight the role of women in parliamentary work worldwide, and their most important achievements in several vital sectors such as business and trade, diplomacy, national and military service, healthcare, nuclear and renewable energy, media and manpower. In addition, it will highlight the leading role of a number of institutions, which support Emirati women, and will present a number of prestigious international reports that praise the pioneering role of Emirati women and their success achieved in diverse fields.