United towards a more inclusive society

United towards a more inclusive society


How can parliaments, through legislation, government oversight and working closely with international organizations, bring about gender balance and put an end to violence against women?



An inclusive society is a society for all of its members, regardless of gender, age, race, class, geography or religion. It is a society where each of its members is empowered and has a role to play. This requires equal opportunities for all to participate in the social, civic, economic and political activities. While the world has made progress, statistics show that much work remains to be done on every front and especially in the critical area of gender equity. Social exclusion is very disruptive and can lead to violence and even terrorism. The issue of social inclusion is complex and multidimensional. The road to a more inclusive society requires the convergence of a myriad of fundamental issues related to human values including important values such as tolerance; economic equity; equal opportunity to education; and participation in the political process. This session will examine the interdependencies between the various issues that often lead to exclusive societies and the role of parliament in addressing these issues and building more societies that are inclusive.


As part of this session, the IPU will launch a report on a study, which was recently completed on harassment against women in parliament.