Youth Perspectives – Part 1

Youth Perspectives – Part 1


This session is intended to capture the apprehensions, fears, aspirations and ideas of the youth as related to the three major themes of the Summit: socioeconomic, science and technology and geopolitical. How do youth see the present and how do they look at their own future? 



Over the past decade, we have seen an increasing focus on engaging youth in international meetings, conferences and summits. Perhaps one of the largest gathering of youth is the UN youth assembly that attracts over 10,000 youth to look at how they can contribute to the implementation of the 17 UN SDGs. From a parliamentary perspective, youth engagement remains a challenged area. For example, a recent IPU report shows that only 1.9% of Members of Parliament are under the age of 30, though gender participation in this age group is more balanced than in any other age group. Clearly, this is a major challenge for parliaments.

This session is intended to capture the fears, aspirations and most importantly fresh ideas of the youth in the UAE, including national and expat youth. The output from this session will be utilized to inform the recommendations of the Summit.