About the Summit


The Global Summit of Women Speakers of Parliament is held under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, President of the General Women’s Union (GWU), Supreme President of the Family Development Foundation (PDF), The Supreme President of Council for Motherhood & Childhood, under the theme: “United for Shaping the Future“.





The “Global Summit of Women Speakers of Parliament” is the largest assembly of women Speakers in the world. The Summit is organized by the Federal National Council, the parliamentary body of the United Arab Emirates, and the Inter-parliamentary Union, the international organization of parliaments. It brings together over 50 Women Speakers of Parliament from around the world with major global leaders across government, business, industry and society. a truly prominent event on the global stage.

The Summit is the 11th edition of the Meeting of Women Speakers of Parliament. As such, it opens a new decade of gatherings of women in the highest parliamentary decision-making positions. It provides opportunities to exchange views and to network with major leaders across different sectors and disciplines. It also offers an exclusive opportunity to shape the parliamentary agenda on the basis of rapidly emerging political, economic, environmental and social changes that affect global security, prosperity and sustainability, and that require a united global governance response.







The Summit’s theme is “United for Shaping the Future”. It will focus on the role that women Speakers can play in uniting parliamentarians around national and political interests to deliver sustainable prosperity and security in a rapidly changing world for present and future generations. The Summit will address key questions on the evolving role of parliament including how parliaments can best work with the other branches of government, with the private sector and the wider community.

Underpinning this overarching theme, the summit will focus debate and participation on the planet’s most difficult current and future challenges that affect quality of life and slow progress towards sustainable prosperity. In particular, parliaments not only need to enact legislation to protect society and help society better cope with today’s challenges, but also be very mindful of future trends and challenges that can affect the quality of life for generations to come. What is needed is a holistic view of critical interdependent issues, across socioeconomic domains, which can disrupt our future quality of life.  This holistic view is likely to help produce legislation that is much more meaningful and effective.

Dedicated sessions

Dedicated sessions will review and debate the political, technological and economic megatrends that will shape our world, and the effectiveness of policies and legislations required to ensure security and sustainability. For example, this includes global warming, resource scarcity, radicalism, intolerance and terrorism, as well as the implications of rapid technological shifts on current laws and legislations vis-à-vis human rights, safety and security.


Discussions will address the most important political developments, including the emergence of ultra-radical militias and terrorist organizations, and religious and political extremism that have led to the proliferation of conflicts and instability in the world.

The Summit

The Summit will underscore critical issues related to gender inequality and women abuse, from which many countries around the world continue to suffer.

The Summit will focus on the interdependencies of the above issues and questions, and will aim to propose innovative ways to diffuse the most effective solutions throughout entire communities, nations and the world.




The Summit aims to achieve actionable influences on policy, government, business and industry. The outputs of the Summit will extend beyond the event into a continuing alliance of global knowledge partnerships.

Key features include

Globally renowned and visionary leaders across industry, academia and government.

Solutions-focused, cross-sectoral policy dialogue.

Futuristic and highly immersive environment that stimulates innovative thinking to drive solution focused debate.

A call to action for policies that establish a coordinated and united effort across the globe.



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